Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Work-In-Progress Concept Art

Haven't been able to do a ton of drawing lately. Holiday stuff. Here's a piece of concept art I've been chipping away at though.

Initial Sketch
This is the initial sketch I scan into the computer. There's usually a bit of finessing and adjusting in Photoshop to make sure the proportions are working.

Colour & Texture
I set the layer style of the sketch to 'multiply' and then paint some base colour underneath. I also overlay any textures I need. In this case I did some cloth textures for his clothing.

Highlights & Occlusion
To push the darks and lights, I draw over the sketch using black and white, which I then set to 'overlay'. This will brighten or darken any colour beneath it.

I paint in some shadows, lower the opacity and set the layer to 'multiply'.

Side Highlights and Additional Details
I add the side highlights, some hair on his head and face and some imperfections to his skin.

Still a ways to go on this one before it's done. I'm going to chip away at it further over the holidays, but will most-likely come back to it after moving on to some other things.

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